January 1, 2018

About me

Hi, I’m “Average Swiss”, who lives in one of the most expensive cities in the world and tries to build at least something for a retirement.

The moment hippie turn 30

The moment hippie turn 30 Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler

Briefly about me: 32 yo, single, a smoker with no debt. Last year, when I was “just” 31, I moved to Switzerland and, basically, started a new life from scratch, having about ten thousand euro in savings. It was not the first time I moved to a new country and that time I decided to try to build some wealth. Not “wealth”, let’s say, some savings for not-so-far-away retirement.

I am a pretty disorganized person and this blog has its purpose: to organize my financial data and to have a “semi-public” commitment towards my goals, which I really consider helpful for tracking.


The name of this blog and the actual goal come from “Global Wealth Report 2017” by Credit Suisse, which states that “wealth per adult in Switzerland is $537 600”. I think I could do it as 500 000 CHF in seven years and, as seven years is a very long time, I need more frequent and more feasible intermediate goals, so I will try to make it a yearly habit.

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